Pets Own Dog/Cat Milk with Glucosamine

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Cat Milk Expiry May 2025

Dog Milk Expiry April 2025 Both do

g/cat milk are safe to be given to dogs and cats interchangeably. Cats milk have added taurine which is needed for dogs too. Pets Own Dog & Puppy Milk/ Cat with Glucosamine Pets Own Milk products are a formulated milk for dogs and puppies and are 100% lactose free which is important as most dogs and kittens are predominantly lactose intolerant and can suffer from severe stomach problems if given normal milk.

Pets Own Milk has added vitamins, minerals and essential fats to offer a certain nutritional value. It contains Taurine and Methionine which are specific to dogs and puppies eye sight and internal organ function. Pets Own Milk has boosted Calcium and Glucosamine levels aimed at the development of stronger bones and skeletal formation in younger animals. Not only are nutritional benefits provided in all products, they also offer an additional source of fluid intake especially for animals on dry food diets. Our product is highly palatable and most animals will prefer to consume it in preference to their normal food that is a contributing factor to its success as a pet food product. Pets Own milks are suited for purchase by average pet owners wishing to provide their pets with good nutrition and a highly palatable treat.

The product is marketed on its flexibility of being either a treat or milk replacement product for new born puppies and kittens where it has been used successfully by many breeders for this purpose. As well it has been used successfully by veterinarians in rehabilitating distressed animals because of its high palatability, ease of digestion and ability to provide important fluids at the time. Our products offer consistency in formulation as compared to use of powdered products which require mixing by the user and are very high palatability as compared to some canned milk replacement products. As well, there is a high level of nutrition retention as a result of the UHT process which is much gentler on the product compared to canned and powdered products which are produced at much higher temperatures during process.

Pets Own Milk is an aseptically packed product that can be stored at normal room temperature, however must be kept under refrigeration at an ideal temperature of 4°C when opened and used within 12-14 days.

The product in sealed cartons will last to the use-by date and in most cases beyond this date dependant on the storage conditions at the time. For storage and distribution it is required that the product be stored under normal cool dry storage conditions, away from excessive heat and moisture. 

Ingredients : Whole Milk, Vegetable Oil, Vitamins, Minerals, Taurine, Lactase Enzyme Guaranteed Analysis : Crude Protein- 2.9% (min), Crude Fat- 5.8% (min), Crude Fibre- 0.1% (max), Moisture- 87.0% (max), Sodium Chloride- 0.06% (max)

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