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1. How long can the chews last?

Our chews can last up to 3 months in a cool area that is away from sunlight. With refrigeration, they can last up to 6 months.

2. I have an aggressive chewer. How can I increase chewing duration?
Try freezing your chews before feeding. Alternatively, if your chew is stick-shaped, you can stuff it into a toy to increase the challenge. This will encourage your furkid to spend more time on the chews. 

3. Are the chews too big for my small dog?
There are no chews that are too big for a dog. Larger chews increase the challenge and chewing duration for your furkid. They also reduce the risk of choking as they require your furkid to thoroughly work on the chew. 

We do not recommend cutting up the chews as this will eliminate the dental benefits of chewing and increase the chances of choking. Your furkid needs to spend time on the chew to scrap away plaque and encourage saliva generation. Choking tends to happen when the chew is too small to be held by your furkid's paws. In these situations, many dogs will attempt to swallow the chew whole. 

However, some larger meat chews may be too hard for a mild chewer. A large soft chew such as our jumbo kangaroo flaps will still be suitable. Size is not an optimal measure of chew suitability. It is better to pick a chew that has just the right toughness for your furkid. You can gauge the toughness of our chews from the chew power bar. 

4. Can I feed small chews to my large dog?
We do not recommend feeding small chews to your large dog as it will be a choking hazard and your furkid will not enjoy much dental benefits.

5. What type of chews will you recommend my dog?
We have grouped the chews according to their chew power – mild, normal and aggressive. Pick the category that fits your furkid's chewing power to see our recommendations.  
Alternatively, you can use our chew bar as a gauge. The number of coloured paw prints indicate the toughness of the chew. 

6. How often can I feed a chew to my dog?
You can feed your furkid a chew a day. However, as these chews are made of natural meat and bones, meal portions should be reduced accordingly. 

7. What are the chews that can last for a long time?
Our longest lasting chews are under the hard chews tab. 

8. Can I exchange the chews if my dog doesn’t like them?
Unopened chews can be exchanged within 7 days from the date of purchase.

9. I prefer chews that are less messy, any recommendations?
Meat chews and hard chews are less messy as compared to bones. For easier clean ups, you can place the chew on a picnic mat or cloth. 

10. How should I store my chews that are opened or partly consumed?
They should be kept refrigerated to maintain the freshness.

11. Why natural chews? What is the difference?
Natural chews are fully digestible. Your furkid's stomach can completely breakdown natural chews. This is unlike rawhides that can cause intestinal blockages and internal damages. Natural chews do not contain any artificial chemicals or preservatives that can cause cancers in dogs. These chews also come in different shapes and toughness to cater to every furkid's needs. Furkids with allergies can also enjoy a wide selection of delicious and healthy goodies that only natural chews can provide.  

12. Can the whole meat chew be fully ingested?
Meat chews are can be fully consumed and digested. However, if your dog is a gulper and tends to swallow treats/chews before chewing, you should discard the chew once it gets too small.

13. What size of chew is suitable?
Chews should be long and big enough for your furkid to hold them with their paws while chewing.

14. Can the bones be consumed?
Most furkids will aim to scrap the meat and marrow from the bone. Once they are done,
the bare bone should be discarded. However, do not worry if they consumed bits of bones
they are fully digestible.

15. Will the bones splinter into small sharp pieces?
All chews are dehydrated or oven-baked and not cooked. It is important not to feed your dog cooked bones as they are not fully digestible and can be brittle and hard. In contrast, baked or dehydrated bones are softer and more malleable. These characteristics make them good dental chew as they can get between teeth. Most dogs can handle bones, however, we will still advise for all chews to be fed under supervision. 

16. What chews do you recommend for puppies?
Puppies can start with chews found in the mild category and slowly move up the levels once they get the hang of chewing.

17. My furkid is has sensitive tummy and skin, what do you recommend?
For sensitive furkids, we recommend hypoallergenic chews made from kangaroo, lamb or venison. 

18. Do you do gift wrapping services for parties?

We can help you tailor chews to your party needs. Simply tell us more about the special furkid(s) you'll be getting the gifts for and let us do the rest.

19. All the Bundle deal items fixed?

All items in the bundle deals are subjected to changes depending on availability. Not to worry as the items replaced would definitely be of equal, if not, an even higher value!

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