Pork Jerky

Chew Time



Key Features:
1) Made from 100% Hormones and Antibiotics free fresh Malaysia pork
2) Crispy and Crunchy, Low odour, none greasy, no mess
3) Freshly made upon order

Our Pork Jerky contain NO artificial chemicals or preservatives, they make good treats and can be easily broken into smaller pieces as training treats. Made from 100% lean pork loin.

High in protein and complex B-vitamins, which help to metabolize food into energy, making use of the natural vitamins and minerals in your pup's diet. It is also chock-full of phosphorus, niacin, riboflavin, selenium, zinc and potassium.

They are great additions to any furkid's diet because they are high in glucosamine, which promotes joint health and mobility. 

Hand made with love from our tiny dot of Singapore, as only through our own scrutiny can we ensure the best quality, assurance and consistency of our treats and chews. 

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