Paw-print Mould

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1) Knead the dough gently for about 50s-1min to smoothen and prevent cracks. (Try not to press it too hard as it would result in cracks when harden)

2) Press gently towards your palm while continuing to knead in a circular motion. (Not too hard as it may crack)

3) If you are using a photo frame, place the dough into the photo frame and spread the dough evenly. If not, you may place the dough on a piece of cardboard or paper, using a chopstick, poke a small hall at the top of the dough., (to tie a ribbon later on)

4) To remove the finger prints, pound gently downwards using your palm quickly. To remove any remaining prints, swipe in a left-right direction with your fingers.

5) Place your dog’s paw on the dough and press it down with a little strength.

6) Start decorating with colourful accessories, ribbons and stickers! (You may wish to use super glue if it does not stay on)

Leave it to dry for a day and it’s good to go onto the desk, wall and cabinets!

Bundle includes 3 accessories and 1 ribbon (30cm) to decorate your pawprint mould!

Each packet consist of 100g dough. Safe for pets and babies.

The clay will remain pretty and hard once it is dry. It is not advisable to retry many times using the same dough as it may become dry and will crack easily after a few tries. Be careful as cracks may result if the kneading process is done incorrectly.

Ingredients: Pulp Powder, Glycerine and Baby oil

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