Ostrich Knee cap Tendon

Chew Time


Key Features:
1) Low Fat and fun!
2) Odour free, non greasy, no mess
3) Hypoallergenic

Providing a variety of Ostrich chews to your lil one is never easier with the Ostrich Kneecap Tendons! It's odd shape would also prevent gulpers from swallowing it whole without chewing! Fully digestible and are the best natural teeth cleaners that contain NO artificial chemicals or preservatives. 

100% Ostrich tendon, novel protein source which is very LOW in Fat & extremely HIGH in lean Protein. Hypoallergenic, Grain & Gluten free. Promotes dental cleaning & oral hygiene. Aids with natural teeth flossing.

They are great additions to any furkid's diet because they are high in glucosamine, which promotes joint health and mobility. Made from free-range Ostrich, they are a novel protein and highly recommended for sensitive dogs that experience adverse reactions when eating beef or chicken. 


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