Mackerel Twist

Chew Time


Key Features:
1) Each piece is about 20-25 cm long
2) High in Omega-3 and -6
3) Promotes healthy joints, skin and coat
4) Twisted for additional fun and toughness!

Freshly caught and dried to perfection, these tasty fish treats are sure to entice even the pickiest of furkids. Mackerels are high in Omega-3 and-6 that help promote smooth and silky coats. They are bite-sized, which makes them excellent training treats. Supplement your furkid's diet with these fragrant and crunchy mackerel tails, each spanning approximately 9cm in length. 100% natural, and preservative-free.
*It is important to feed only fishes that are low in mercury as fishes with high mercury levels can cause mercury poisoning which may cause damage to the nervous, cardiovascular, kidneys and digestive system.  


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