Freeze Dried Lamb Jewels

Chew Time

Key Features:

  • Human-grade
  • No added hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, fillers or additives
  • Ideal for all dogs and cats

Made from Lamb testes, they make a great organ variety with high quality protein. These make a great tasty treat or reward and are also a good source of iron, zinc, potassium and magnesium which helps to promote healthy bones and muscles, brain and immune system. Due to all of this, regular consumption of lamb may promote muscle growth, maintenance and performance!

Why Freeze Dry?

Freeze drying process retains over 90% of nutrients while dehydrating retains less than half of its nutrients. Properly sealed freeze dried items have a shelf life of 25 years! Far superior to dehydrating. 

Most organisms and germs need water to survive, by removing the water from the food we are freeze drying to ensure that our dogs will be eating something that won’t be harmful to them. The best part about freeze dried treats is they tend to be very healthy and very pure. Single, raw ingredient. There are no grains, no gluten, and no preservatives!

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