Crochet Beauty and the Beast Bandana

Chew Time


Stand out from the rest! 

Introducing Crochet Beauty and the Beast Bandana, your little one will definitely be trotting proudly down the aisle! Each piece customized and hand-knitted from Arcylic Yarn, they are colourful, hypoallergenic, light weight, durable and most importantly, machine safe! 

Let us know your favourite colour combination and design to customize your furkid's very own knitted bandana!  

(Please allow 5-7 working days as each bandana is customized and hand woven) 

Rough sizing guide

Small: Chihuahua, Toy Poodle, Jack Russel, Pomeranian 

Medium: Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Corgi, Japanese Spitz

Large: Golden Retriever, Labrador, Chow Chow, Singapore Special

Extra Large: Great Dane

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