Salmon Skin

Chew Time


Key Features:
1) Quick crunch
2) High in Omega-3 and -6
3) Promotes healthy joints, skin and coat
4) Excellent training treat

Blue Salmon Dog Treats are 100% Australian, Single Ingredient premium Dog Treats. These are specifically and sustainably caught in Northern Queensland. Hand cut into fillets and simply dehydrated to lock in the nutrients.

These treats come with the skin on, and plenty of meat. These medium-sized treats are suitable for all sized dogs. We would recommend given the treat to your dog as a whole but if you want to break them up into smaller pieces they are a little hard to break up by hand but easier to cut up with scissors.

Sizes can vary because this is a natural hand-cut product. Some are thin and some are thick – please note that this all depends on the size and age of the fish.

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