Beef Bones

Chew Time

Each packet contains a variety of raw meaty fresh Beef Bones all individually snap frozen before packaging for easy packet dispense, a favourite fresh treat for all dogs.


Feeding your dog a raw meaty bone regularly in addition to a balanced raw diet provides many health benefits including a great source and perfect balance of Calcium and Phosphorus. In addition to their yummy taste, they also give your dog’s teeth the equivalent of a good brushing and flossing that helps to break down tartar and reduce the risk of gum disease. Feeding your dog a raw bone provides mental stimulation when eating and is a great exercise for the muscles of the jaw.


It is always advisable to supervise your dog when giving them a bone.




    • Encased in lock seal bags for maximum protection
    • Reduce the risk of gum diseases
    • Provides mental stimulation to keep your furkid occupied
    • Great exercise for jaw muscles
    • Helps dogs recover from digestive problems


    • Breed Size: All Breeds
    • Life Stage: All Stages
    • Special Diet: Organic Diet, Limited Ingredient
    • Protein: Beef
    • Size: 900g
    • Made In: Australia

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