Beef Achilles Tendons

Chew Time



Key Features:
1) Fully Digestible
2) Thicker, larger and tougher Tendons
3) Great for dogs of all sizes

Our Beef Achilles Tendon dog treats are all-natural and made only from Australian Beef. Note these are achillies tendons, not neck tendons which we also sell. Neck tendons are a great product, however the achilles appear to last longer.

These are surprisingly strong and quite big – dont let the photo fool you!  Our team reports their very strong jawed 23kg staffy took about 40 minutes to get through it and a 45kg Great Dane went back to it again and again over several hours. We thought we would give one to our mini schnauzer and he got through it over a couple days and multiple sittings after he lost and found it many times!

There are plenty of benefits of beef tendons for dogs, they are a great tough treat and are long-lasting for medium to large jaw dogs who need to be kept entertained. Beef Tendon treats are more digestible than the likes of rawhide and man made commercial sticks and are a preferred healthier alternative for our dogs.

Beef tendons are a fantastic, single ingredient and nutritious treat for dogs, with plenty of health benefits not to mention being a boredom buster chew for your pooch. They are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, and without preservatives, or added colours and sugar.



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