Augustine’s SuperBalm

Chew Time



  • Perfect for difficult areas like the ears
  • Soothes skin conditions
  • Calms Irritated skin
  • Promoting a healthy skin & coat
  • Moisturises & hydrates dry skin
  • Cleanses & conditions the skin & coat
  • Revitalises coat appearance
  • Fights bad odour


Made with 92% *certified organic ingredients:

*Coconut Oil, *Shea Butter, *Sweet Almond Oil, *Castor Oil, *Sunflower Oil, *Calendula Flowers, +Candelilla Wax, *Cocoa Butter, +Vitamin E Oil, *Jojoba Oil, *Roman Chamomile. +natural

Augustine's SuperBalm has been thoroughly examined and approved by ACO to make the 92% certified organic claim. While some products advertise that they are made with certified organic ingredients, not all are approved by an organic certification body and should not be using the word 'certified'. The remaining 8% is naturally derived and cannot be certified but is still approved for use in certified organic production.

Why a balm instead of a cream?

Creams are on average 80% water and bacteria breeds in water, not in oil and butters. Producing a balm means that we do not have to use preservatives to prevent bacteria, in turn not compromising the product's organic integrity. Given that creams are 80% water, producing a balm means that we are not diluting the benefits of our ingredients, in turn producing a more potent and effective formula.


Apply to troubled areas 1-3 times a day.

Storage & use:

Use within 12 months of opening. Store tightly sealed in a cool, dry place away from sunlight below 30°C / 86°F. Do not refrigerate.

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