Air Dried Giant Ostrich Bone

Chew Time



Key Features:
1) Huge and great for aggressive chewers! 
2) Tough and long lasting, perfect tool for removing stubborn plaque!
3) 30cm Long!

Ostrich bones are safe for dogs to consume due to their unique structure and composition. Unlike other animal bones that are hard and dense, ostrich bones are lightweight, porous, and have air pockets, making them less likely to splinter and cause harm to a dog’s digestive system.

Ostrich bones also contain a significant amount of nutrients that can benefit dogs, such as calcium, phosphorus, and protein. These nutrients are essential for strong bones, teeth, and muscles, and can help support a dog’s overall health and wellbeing. Additionally, chewing on ostrich bones can help promote dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup and keeping a dog’s teeth clean and healthy. Overall, ostrich bones are a great option for dogs to safely enjoy and reap the benefits of a nutritious and stimulating chew.


These yummy all-natural Ostrich Bone contains NO preservatives or additives. Great for large dogs! Promotes joint and oral health and air dried to maintain natural goodness! 


As with all bones, it is recommended to feed with supervision 



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