Mighty Meat Bag

Chew Time

Is your furkid a variety-seeking, chew-loving, CARNIVORE?
Get ready to be pounced on as you bring home this bag of PURE MEAT. 
A mighty medley of meat - venison, pig, lamb, roo and beef - to fit every furkid's taste!

Savour these 8 chews:
1) Moo Tube (Small)
2) Paddy wack
3) Lamb Cheek
4) Mackerel Twist 
5) Pig snout 
6) Rabbit Ear
7) Thin bully stick (Odour free) 
8) Veal Tendon Roll 
9) Shark Cartilage 

Get your mighty meat bag today, while stocks last!

*Items subjected to change depending on stock availability 

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