Kangaroo Patties

Chew Time



  • 90% Kangaroo meat, 10% Kangaroo liver & kidney
  • Hypoallergenic & Low in fat (Great for sensitive furkids)
  • Feed them raw, boiled, steamed or even dehydrated

Great for beginners that are new to raw feeding, senior dogs and puppies. As there are no grounded bones in the patties, the patties are safe for home cooked meals and dehydrated treats. Mix them up with other Raw meats in your furkid's current meal for a greater variety! Raw Feeders it is advisable to add on 10% bone in their diet. 

Unlike intensively farmed animals, Kangaroo meat is a lean source of red meat that is high in protein, iron and zinc and low in saturated fat. As our Kangaroos are not farmed, you do not have to worry about artificial hormones or antibiotics injected. Free roaming actively in the wild environment feeding on natural vegetation ensures the finest quality of meat.


Kangaroo offers great nutritional value, providing high levels of Vitamin B, iron and zinc essential for building a healthy immune system. Kangaroo meat also has high levels of Omega 3 and 6 (CLA) which are often lacking in a kibble diet. Both fatty acids are important for shiny and healthy coat and reducing inflammation in the body. 


Our Kangaroo products are processed in accredited and export-approved establishments in Australia.  This ensures that only the highest standards in harvesting and processing Kangaroos are applied to produce meats and organs that we know are fresh.

Each packet comes in a size of 500g, each patty is 65g (8 patties in a bag of 500g) 


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