Turkey Patties

Chew Time



  • 90% Fresh Turkey meat, 10% Turkey bones & 10% Turkey Liver
  • Hypoallergenic & Low in fat (Great for sensitive furkids)

Great for beginners that are new to raw feeding, senior dogs and puppies. Mix them up with other Raw meats in your furkid's current meal for a greater variety! 

Non-GMO turkeys raised in sunny California, USA! Our free-range turkey is fed on a 100% natural GMO-free diet with no feed additives. The patties are made from turkeys that are 100% raw and unseasoned which means they don’t contain additional sodium which are harmful for dogs and cats.


Turkey meat is well-balanced with ‘red meat’ and ‘white meat’ which makes it a good choice of protein for more senior dogs and cats. Our patties are blended with turkey bones and turkey organs for a balanced and complete meal.

Each packet comes in a size of 500g, each patty is 65g  (8 patties in a bag of 500g) 


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