Go' Roo Bag

Chew Time

Does your furkid love Roo chews? This is the perfect bag! With a mixture of meat and bone chews, your furkid gets to enjoy the best of both worlds! Not forgetting that this bag is hypoallergenic, thus, completely suitable for sensitive fur kiddos! 

Roo meats promotes anti-inflammatory properties and enhances immunity. It is also rich in iron, zinc, vitamin B6 and B12! Kangaroo chews are hypoallergenic and low in fat, making them healthy choices for all furkids, especially those with allergies and sensitive tummies. 

Each bag comprises:
Roo Flap (Mini)
Roo Liver (50g)
Roo Tail (halved)
Roo knee cap tendons (50g)
Roo Ribs (medium) 
Roo Tendons (50g)
Roo Jerky (50g) 

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