Ostrich Satay

Chew Time


Key Features:
1) Twist and fun! 
2) Low odour, none greasy, no mess
3) Hypoallergenic

Our Braided Ostrich Tendon Twist are natural teeth cleaners that contain NO artificial chemicals or preservatives. 100% Ostrich meat chunks skewered with a Ostrich Tendon, novel protein source which is very LOW in Fat & extremely HIGH in lean Protein. Hypoallergenic, Grain & Gluten free. Promotes dental cleaning & oral hygiene. Aids with natural teeth flossing.

They are great additions to any furkid's diet because they are high in glucosamine, which promotes joint health and mobility. Made from free-range Ostrich, they are a novel protein and highly recommended for sensitive dogs that experience adverse reactions when eating beef or chicken. 


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