Antler Burr

Chew Time


1) Long lasting 
2) Lots of exposed marrow
3) Nutritious - high in calcium

Antler Burr are suitable for furkids of normal to aggressive chewers and enjoy spending their time digging into the yummy marrow! This chew is cut from the base of the antler that is the densest part and also has the most delicious marrow for your pup. Antlers make excellent dog chews because they are hard and long-lasting. Most importantly, they're oil-free, odourless and full of nutrients such as calcium and zinc. Chewing on antlers ensures clean teeth and hours of entertainment. If your furkid loses interest, try soaking the antlers in the water/ bone broth overnight and keeping in the refrigerator.

Please choose a chew size that is suitable for your furkid: 
  • Small - 1" diameter 
  • Medium - 2" diameter 
  • Large - 3" diameter 
  • Jumbo - Heavier and more marrow 

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