Hardy Chews Bag

Chew Time

Is your furkid a variety-seeking, chew-loving and destructive?
Get ready to be pounced on as you bring home this bag of everlasting HARDY chews!

Savour these chews:
Small Dogs
1) Venison Moo hoof
2) Whole Antler (Small) 
3) Split Antler (Small) 
4) Sheep Ear
Medium Dogs 
1) Moo Hoof (Large) 
2) Antler Burr (Medium) 
3) Moo Tube 
4) Himalayan Yak (Large) 
5) Venison Hoof

Large Dogs 
1) Whole Antler (Medium) 
2) Moo Cheek Roll (Standard) 
3) Split Antler (Large)
4) Moo Hoof (Large)
Get your bag hardy chews today, while stocks last!

*Items subjected to change depending on stock availability 

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