Halloween Trick or Treat Box

Chew Time

Chew Box

Trick or Treat! Join in the fun this Halloween with a galore of chews and treats with our very exclusive Monster & Boo's Bundle!

Receive a variety of 7 different chews at and treats at only $34.90! Receive both Monster & Boo's Bundle at a steal of $59.90!


Limited to the first lucky 20 furkids only!

Monster's Pack

1) Sheep Ears

2) Roo Knee Cap Tendon

3) Paddywack

4) Buffalo Tail

5) Pig Ear (Strip) 

6) Roo Jerky

7) Bully Bite


Boo's Bag

1) Spare Ribs

2) Standard Bully Stick

3) Roo Flap (Small)

4) Shark Cartilage

5) Pork Tendon Bite 

6) Beef Lungs

7) Halloween Exclusive Squeaky Plush Toy


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