Hallooooween Bundles!

Chew Time

Chew Box

Trick or Treat! Join in the fun this Halloween with a galore of chews and treats with our very exclusive Halloween Bundles at 25% off! Only left with 6 sets each! 

Pum-pum kin 

1) Goat Stick
2) Ostrich Stick
3) Roo Stick
4) Rabbit Stick
5) Deer Stick
6) Duck Stick 

7) Udder stick

1) Piggy Bully Stick
2) Deer Roll
3) Braided Lamb Twist
4) 10cm Thin Bully Stick
5) Fish Skin
6) Goat Stick 

Itsy Bitsy Spider 
1) Deer Lungs (25g)
2) Deer Roll
3) Cow Ear (Furry)
4) Chicken Feet
5) Braided Lamb Twist

Trick or Treat 

1) Udder Stick
2) Goat Stick
3) Braided Lamb Twist
4) Deer Roll
5) Rabbit Ear


*Drop us a note if you'd like to DIY your own bundle and select your chews and bag! :)

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