Furry Venison Tendon with Hoof

Chew Time


Key Features:
1) Freeze Dried!
2) Low in Odour, non-greasy and fully digestible
3) Lean and low in fat

Spanning about 15cm long, Venison Tendon from neck tendons are pawfect for furkids of all sizes. They are made from the neck of grass-fed free-ranging Deer, contains no preservatives or additives. Packed with collagen that is good for bones, tendons, ligaments, & cartilage! Most importantly, there's no need to be worried of splinter as there are no contents of bones.

It contains natural glycosaminoglycans and is of great nutritional benefit to senior pets, hard-working dogs and a great health supplement for all ages!
In traditional Chinese medicine Deer Sinew is used by elderly people as a gentle, safe supplement for:

  • Joint and leg pain
  • Strengthening weak, aged limbs


Small up to 22g | Medium (med) 23g-39g | Large 40g+

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