Fresh Sardines

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  • 100% Fresh Sardine
  • High in Omega 3 (Great for joints and coat)
  • Feed them raw or dehydrated

Our sardines are caught fresh from Pacific waters and flash frozen at sea to retain freshness. Unlike many farmed fishes or canned sardines, our sardines have no added salt, chemicals or preservatives that may harm your pets in the long run.

Sardines are regarded as sustainable fish with a low mercury load due to its small size. This small but high protein fish is packed with natural omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants that can be more easily absorbed by your pets than synthetic omega 3 oils which may be unstable and oxidised. These little fellas are loaded with vitamins and minerals and will be perfect to improve your pet’s coat and/or reduce inflammation in your pet’s body. They are also a great natural source of calcium and phosphorous when eaten whole. Some of the better-known benefits of consuming sardines include better bone, joint, mental, skin & cardiovascular health.


Each sardine is about 15 - 20g, and their size varies from each season. Approximately 20-30 sardines in 500g pack!


Perfect for raw, cooked and kibble feeders who want to top their pet’s meal. The cats love them too!


Each packet comes in a size of 500g per packet


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