Wishing Bag

Chew Time


Customize your furkids preferred chews by making a wish and the wishing bag will grant you your lil one's favourite chews this Christmas!

All chews in the wishing bag are fully digestible to keep the lil one's tum tums happy and filled! 


Lamb Cheek / Paddywack / Bully Stick

- Sheep Ear / Roo Tube / Gullet Wrap

Pig Ear Strip / Bully Bite

- Roo Lungs  / Roo Jerky 

 [ Make a wish to the Secret Santa (the Slaves behind Chew Time's team), of your preferred chews in the Bundle from the selection above! ]


*Chews and Treats are subjected to change depending on Santa's availability* 

(Limited to 8 Bundles only)