Cow Ear (Strips)

Chew Time


Key Features:
1) Strips from a standard cow ear 
2) Low in fat 

3) Little odour

These jumbo cow ears are 100% natural, made from only free ranging grass-fed cows. Easy to chew and hold compared to the regular Cow Ears! Great for mild-normal chewers! They are perfect alternatives to pig ears and raw hides as they are low in fat and fully digestible. As these chews have little odour, pickier furkids are advised to get stronger smelling chews such as bully sticks or bladder sticks.

These high in protein strips and bits are suitable for small to medium dogs that love their beef ears but have trouble chewing a whole ear. Cut down to size, and still packed with beefy goodness, Beef Ear Strips are a favorite!

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