Air Dried Crocodile Bone

Chew Time

  • hypoallergenic
  • high calcium
  • bone marrow
  • dental hygiene

1 piece per pack
22-25 cm long

Our crocodile leg bones have thin layer of meat that encourage dogs to gnaw to get the meat out. Large dogs may be able to crunch through the bones. Dehydrated bones are generally safe but are to be given under supervision. Crocodile leg bones are for experienced chewers. If there are small pieces that break off, please pick them out for your pup. Crocodile parts are hypoallergenic, suitable for pups who are prone to allergies AND for those who are just hungry! The leg bones are good for medium to large dogs to chomp on. Each bone is approximately 22-25 cm long but also varies from harvest to harvest. All bones have meat that enhances the flavors and make it all the more enticing for all dogs.

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