Kangaroo Ear (Furry)

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Key Features:
1) Great for sensitive furkids
2) Natural Dewormer

3) Low in Fat & Lean

Complete with hair, wonderfully nutritious and packed with flavour, Roo ears with hair are low in odour and non-greasy. The fur acts as a natural de-wormer which helps clean the intestinal wall as it passes through your dog's intestinal system. These Roo ears are 100% natural, dehydrated and made from only free ranging Roos.


These ears come with the fur on too! A little fur makes for insoluble fibre and together with the ear makes a valuable source of manganese & that is ideal for joints & ligaments. Manganese is said to be lacking in dogs that suffer from cruciate ligament injuries.


These ears are nice and soft outer (because of the fur) but fairly hard too, as well as bendy and very chewy. They are a bit larger than the sheep ears we also have. These ears are very suitable for all sized dogs especially from the benefits of the fur. Mini, small and medium dogs will find them to be long lasting whereas larger sized dogs will find them nice and chewy too! 


As this is a Kangaroo Product they are an incredibly low in fat and lean treat for your pet.

They are perfect alternatives to pig ears and raw hides as they are low in fat, non-greasy and fully digestible. 

Dried freshly in the UK

Similar alternatives - Venison Ears (w/o Fur), Pig Ears, Cow Ears (Without Fur)

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