Halloween Trick or Treat Box

Chew Time

Chew Box

Trick or Treat! Join in the fun this Halloween with a galore of chews and treats with our very exclusive Monster & Boo's Bundle!

Receive a variety of 7 different chews at and treats at only $34.90! Receive both Monster & Boo's Bundle at a steal of $59.90!


Limited to the first lucky 20 furkids only!

(Update: 3 Sets left!) 

Monster's Pack

1) Roo Knee Cap Tendon/ Moo Tube (Small)

2) Beef Spare Ribs 

3) Paddywack

4) Buffalo Tail/ Roo Tail / Turkey Tendon

5) 15cm Standard Bully Stick

6) Roo Jerky

7) Green Tripe


Boo's Bag

1) Sheep Ears/Green Tripe

2) Pig Ear (Strip)  

3) Roo Flap / Bully Bite

4) Shark Cartilage/Paddywack

5) Pork Tendon Bite/ Pig Snout 

6) Beef Lungs

7) Halloween Exclusive Squeaky Plush Toy


*Chews stated are subjected to change depending on availability!* 

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