Deer Femur

Chew Time



  • Great for all sizes dogs
  • All-natural dog chew
  • Great alternative to rawhide

Vary up Fido’s chewing routine with Venison Chews, a dog chew that’s low in fat but big on taste. Any dog chew is beneficial for dogs as they scrape away tartar and plaque and promote good dental hygiene. Satisfy your dog’s natural tendency to chew with a low-fat dog chew-- instead of your shoes! Venison is a more novel protein, and therefore, can be given to dogs who cannot tolerate more common protein sources like beef or chicken.

Venison Femur are ideal for dental hygiene and keeping your dog busy. High in calcium, phosphorous and other natural nutrients to keep your dogs' bones strong and healthy. This product is 100% natural, organic and ideal for dogs with allergies. If you are looking for a tougher alternative, you may wish to try out the Pork Femur or Roo Femur.

Ingredients: 100% Australian Venison.

We recommend feeding under supervision

*Actual item half the size of image*

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