Emu Ribs

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Key Features:
1) Hypoallergenic and good for sensitive dogs
2) Keep gums healthy and clean
3) Great for small to medium dogs

Emu dog treats are a heart healthy alternative meat. It contains healthy fats, low in cholesterol and calories, while being high in protein and minerals such as zinc, phosphorus magnesium, iron as well as vitamin C.

Emu treats can be a little oily and have some trim fat still attached, but this is one of the benefits. Emu Oil which is extracted from fat, contains high levels of Omega-3,6,7 and 9 and Vitamin A, D, E, F and K2 which has anti-inflammatory effects, and great for joint health and skin. Emu oil is extracted and sold for hundreds of dollars per kilo so its the liquid gold of the animal world!

Riblets are a great dental chew for medium to strong jawed dogs. They are meaty with softer crunchy bone to clean those teeth.

Emu riblets average around 15-18cm long and 6-8cm wide.

Weights vary from around 40-100g but most average around 55-60g.

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